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Guys, as much as i love Hyundai, Hyundai will never be able to compete with BMW...not even close...they simply lack 94 years of car making experience that BMW got under their belt...

You're right about Hyundai not being able to compete with BMW for now, but due to cost and fuel economy reasons, BMW (and many others) is changing for the worse. That's why I decided to buy my M3 over a Porsche, since it'll never be built the same. From now on, all Ms will have a force induction engine, and I just HATE that on a sports car. Another reason is they're also changing to ELECTRIC steering, just like our Sonata, which is the 'feel' equivalent of making out with boxing gloves :innocent: . Then the manual transmission is becoming all but extinct as well, being replaced by gimmicky (and temperamental) automatic transmissions complicated as h e l l. I don't like the direction most auto makers are heading, especially with sports cars, but can't blame them due to ever increasing emissions and CAFE requirements.

The good news on all of this is that small cars (and small-engined cars) are finally being built with more luxury appointments. Not long ago, if you wanted a car like our Sonata, it meant the most luxurious model with the largest engine (at least a V6) available. Not anymore :thumbsup: . Take care.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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