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I have a Sonata 2015 Sport 2.0T. The air has been going in and out (randomly) for the last few weeks. At this point, it isn't coming on at all.

I pulled off the panel behind below the glove box to find the blower motor. If I tap on it, the air will come back on. It will slowly get weaker and weaker until it stops working again. I assume this is the motor that's going/is bad.

I went to find a replacement and this is where my real trouble began. Auto Zone and other stored like it don't have the part. It looks like it's all one unit now.

How difficult is it to replace just the motor/fan like in older models? Does anyone have a good part number for this? It looks like the part number is 97113-C2000 based on a website selling OEM parts. I'd like to get the part locally if at all possible.

I haven't found any good videos or images of the Blower motor for the Sonata 2015. Anyone?

Any additional information on this would be great. Thank you.

Can't post a link as I'm a new member. hyundai oem parts
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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