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Hi. I have a sonata 09 4 cylinders that has 113 000 km. About 2 months ago it started to knock when driving the car cold in the morning and maybe 5 minutes later it would stop. It did it mostly when braking and car would downshifts 2nd to 1st gear at 40 km/hour.

Now in the last couples of days it knocks/jerks when downshifting same speed same gears at all times. The difference is that it knocks gently when only decelerating and knocks more violently when reducing speed using because I break and I feel it in the steering wheel and in the car.

I bought it used at 78 000km last year. It is not under warranty any more with the dealer. I intend to have the transmission oil changed this week. However, after reading some of the posts it seems that the problems reported where only when car was cold mine is all the time.

Beside the transmission oil change any suggestions before I make an appointment with the dealer? Should I change my battery?
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