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Ok, let’s get to it.
Picked up my coupe for a song, and it’s still in the era of cars I can “play with”.
I have seen many sources tell me I can fit the intake cam from an 1800 model for some kind of gain: will this lose me low end? I like low end.

Does it have an lsd in it, or is it an open diff?

Can I adjust the ignition timing, or is it set and controlled by the computer?

I’ve lent the car to a friend of mine cuz his got broken into and the ignition is sausaged.

When I get it back, it’ll have better fuel in it (we have 91, 95, 98 RON) - will it respond well to 98 or am I fine just stickin to 95? I don’t put regular in anything.

In my old Mx5 and a couple other cars I’ve had, one could advance the ignition timing a little and run better fuel to shift the power band down about 1000rpm.

That’s all for now.
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