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Not sure if this post made it last time !!

I have available an intergrated software controller that turns the cars headlights interior lights and instruments lights on automatically, using the central locking as the switch. If you forget to leave your headlights on then this module will shut them off after you lock the car. Once the sensors detect a drop in light levels the park lights and headlights adjust themselves to the light frequency and constantly monitor the light levels. Once you lock the car the headlights turn them selves off, with the exception of a security illuminated delay, where the headlights only remain active until you are safely indoors.

This feature is safe with an onboard reprogramable software function that allows features to be altered. The unit also changes your interior light to slow fade up and slow fade down with an ignition controlled program.

There is other features like a wiper sensitive program, zoned internal lighting with seperate switch controls and an internal shut down of battery current when the car is locked.

If anyone is interested or you have any questions just respond :)
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