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IMO, ESC is dangerous under certain conditions. I'll give you an example:

When I first got my new 2005 Tucson LX AWD, I was caught in a heavy rainstorm, and just got off the interstate onto an unfamiliar heavily traveled large 2 lane road (one lane in each direction), only to realize I was going in the wrong direction, and had to make a u-turn, on both sides of the road was wet packed gravel, now after having driven for about 45yrs in my life, I know how to drive on gravel, or wet gravel, But, not knowing anything about ESC, I pulled over, and waited for a slight break in traffic both ways, and began my u-turn a bit swiftly, But, as I stepped on the gas a bit, the Tucson just crawled along, then I began to step a bit harder on the gas, again the Tucson just crawled along, panicing now as I was already into the turn, with traffic closing in from both ways, I leaned hard into the gas pedal as the Tucson continued to crawl through the turn, and onto the wet packed gravel on the other side of the road, (I didn't know what was happening, or how to prevent it, or fix it, in my fear, & frustration) and finally with the gas pedal now to the floor the Tucson continued to only crawl completely through the turn at maybe 10mph, as cars were coming at me at 45mph+, from both directions in the rain! And it did this all through the turn, and quite a bit more, even when back on the paved road, until It felt it was finally safe to accelerate! My wife, & I were terrified, & we almost got killed that day, thank goodness the oncoming cars in both lanes slowed up enough to let us in, and avoid hitting us, even though I'm sure they were not happy, & probably calling me an A-hole! My pride was hurt, but at least I was alive! I don't need a car that tries to think for itself, when it could be dead wrong in certain situations like this, so you can bet just about every time I started the car I turned off the ESC, which sometimes is hard to remember, as it comes on by default. Otherwise, on occasion in hard rain, ice, or snow, I would just leave it on, but be well aware of when it was on from that point on. The moral is, ESC sometimes is not your friend!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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