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We had some freezing rain followed by some snow and my Venetian red Sonata looked like a big candy apple with some icing on it.

Here are some interesting observations

The ice filled the cap between the trunk lid and the bumper cover so much so that when closing the trunk the impact is transferred to the bumper cover - not a nice feeling. Be careful when closing the trunk.

The door unlock button was covered with ice so impossible to press, had to take the FOB out to unlock the doors

Since the window washers are recessed behind the hood one has to clean that area properly to get the nozzles to do their job. (on all my previous cars the nozzles were on top of the hood and a simple brush off was all that was required)

The accumulation of slush ice behind the wheels and the tires rubbing against it is more pronounced than on my previous cars - will have to clean that area before driving off.
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