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I'm an idiot. I've had this car since 2007, and just today I discovered I have a factory remote starter installed. I know.

I bought it with 3000 miles on it from my credit union. It's been perfect, although I need to do the upper control arms now, and I've got a squeak in the steering every time I turn the wheel quickly.

When I bought it, they gave me two fobs that didn't match each other. One of them looked a little chintzy, so I never carried it. It turns out that's the one that operates the remote start. The other just locks and unlocks.

Like I said, I'm an idiot.

But I wouldn't have found out at ll had I not come here for some last minute tips on installing a stereo. I just put in the Pioneer DEH-X6600BT in the Metra 99-7320, and added the SWI-RC for steering wheel controls. Everything went in super easy. It all works great (I don't know how I lived without bluetooth before). So thanks for all your help.

Next up for me: interior LEDs. I'm going to do the dome and map lights, amd add some footwell lighting from the tutorial I've seen on here.

So thanks for all your advice and help, guys. You're so good at helping people you even managed to make things easy for someone too stupid to know he had a remote starter. I almost can't wait for summer now. ;)
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