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Anyways, I noticed that when I turn on the heat in my Sonata when the car is cold I hear snapping and popping and cracking noises
coming from the vents. It only lasts for maybe about five minutes and then they go away when the plastics in the vents, oh I don't know, adapt to the temperature? Same thing when the car is hot inside and I turn on the A/C I get the same kinds of noises. Now I'm wondering if this has to do with the materials still being new and after a while these noises will eventually go away or cheap plastics which means it will always be like this. Anyone else notice this?

The reason I ask is because my previous car was a 06 Civic which was bought brand new and I don't recall ever experiencing this. It's not a big deal I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed this also and can share some insight.
My Sonata makes the same noises. My previous '06 Chevy Impala did the same thing, and my parent's 2010 Ford Taurus has some dash crackle when first turning on the A/C on a hot day.

It is just the plastic adjusting to the fast temperature change from warm to cold or vice versa. It will most likely never go away.

When the interior of my Sonata cools off after running the A/C for a while it develops several rattles, creaks, ticks, etc. It is very disappointing in that regard.
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