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Hi folks,

Tried searching around but the search engine seems buggy. Basically my 2011 Santa Fe V6 is throwing the Check Engine Light, code p0713. I'm aware of the service bulletin but don't have the warranty (2nd owner, 70k miles). This issue has been going on about two months, and up until this week I was content to repeatedly clear the code and just pay attention to the transmission shifting. It started to intermittently shift a little bit hard so I took it in.

Dealer diagnosis confirms it's the known sensor issue. Since they redesigned the sensor to be integrated into the full wire harness, it's a big costly job. Classic dealer move but my question is this:
Over time, will this potentially damage my vehicle? I happen to have the money but maybe I want to save it for a "real" problem and not just what is essentially an electrical issue which may not affect the transmission. I'm not fully informed on how the tranny would behave if this goes on indefinitely, and the dealers were pretty vague when I asked. What do you forum folks think? Is it worth it to replace that sensor? Thanks
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