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1) It's an automatic with a torque converter. You can keep the pedal down since it doesn't use a clutch.
2) If your trying to race a Sonata, I would recommend against it. Any Honda or luxury vehicle with a V6 can handedly crush the Sonata.
Shifting is very important when on the track with turns where you can anticipate better than the car, your better served by keeping it in automatic mode for drag racing. You can load up the torque converter but stepping on the gas a little while pressing the brakes all the way in but this is very bad for the car.
I haven't seen any1 publish the HP/torque curves on the 2011s so its difficult to determine the best shifts based on the gear ratios. However, as a general rule of thumb keep the car between 5k and redline. You have to memorize the top speed in each gear and shift down based on speed, eg shift down in 3rd gear at 5k. Up shifts are usually right before redline but depends on the hp/torque curves and the next gear's ratio.

All this being said, Shiftronic is marketing gimmick. Keep it in auto will prevent stupid **** from happening to your new car.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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