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I finally got around to installing the SR intake I bought off of Mizerab1e, which he used for all of a couple weeks before he switched to Tork, thanks man! Lemme know if you upgrade any other parts, lol.

Long read ahead,
TLDR: I didn't botch up the install that I know of, like the sound, slight feel for hp increase, looking to improve cold air flow.

One thing to note, the SR site shows only 2 hose clamps, so but 3 are needed so I had to buy a $2.50 clamp to finish the install. First time for me to attempt an intake install myself but it was pretty well shown how to disassemble in the video Miz shared for youtube, OCC/Intake install posted by Tork. If I can handle it myself without breaking anything by accident, the rest of you will be okay.

First pic is after I installed, wish I remembered to take one with the engine cover still off. The SR intake doesn't have input for the bypass hose so the orange line is where I tucked away the hose to vent the hot air. Tork and many people say it's ok to disconnect the hose completely but I tried and it was stubbornly stuck and hard to get leverage down that low in the engine bay to twist it off, even after sliding the crimp lock up. I like the hose acts as another level of safeguard against direct water or small debris making it past the filter of the bypass. So with that hose not circulating the hot air back into the intake, I now have the turbo blowoff pssst sound when I ease off the gas. Like the intake sound too, but not sure if I actually feel much difference if any.

2nd pic is a close-up, yellow circle is where the air duct comes up and the yellow arrow is where the cold air is directed with the stock box/piping missing. In the pic, I put the factory front part of the tubing to see if i could use that to direct the air to the SR intake but alas, it passes underneath the intake with the blue arrows. Green would have been ideal pathways for the cold air coming in for the intake.

I opened up the hood today after driving back home from work today and felt the intake, pretty hot for the silver piping and mesh filter part was slightly warm. It was only about 15 degrees celsius for ambient temperature. Now I'm looking around to see if there's a heat shield and some ducting I can install to better utilize the cold air pathway coming up. Anyone have suggestions, let me know.



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