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I own a 2013 SFS V6, and during my painful ownership years I have faced each and every problem you can have with the hyundai AWD system. I thought I would share the experience I have gained through the misery that I faced in order to help other SFS owners troubleshoot their AWD system.

first and foremost, note that your AWD system might fail without giving out any fault codes or warning lights on the dash. Most of the time you will find out that your AWD system has failed when you need it the most, so make sure that you check it regularly.

Lets say you are driving on snow or icy roads, you notice that the car is slipping and only the front wheels are spinning. No power is coming off the rear wheels. Your AWD system has failed! First thing to do is get your car on a lift, lift the car up just enough to get all 4 wheels freely suspended. Turn on the ignition and put the car in drive (D). Do not accelerate, just let the wheels start spinning on their own. Take a look under the car, your malfunction will be one of the following:

1- drive shaft is rotating but rear wheels are not - your hydraulic coupler has failed. This part is not serviceable and is sold as one piece. Possible malfunctions could the actuator motor has failed, pressure sensor has failed, or the input shaft inside the coupler has broken. Though this part is not serviceable as per hyundai, you can still open it and work on it yourself.

2- drive shaft not rotating, rear wheels not rotating - your transfer case is blown or the spline gears feeding the transfer case from the transmission box have been stripped. If the transfer case is blown you will hear loud noises when driving. If the spline gears are stripped, you might hear some noises at the beginning but the noise will slowly go away as the gears grind themselves into oblivion. If the spline gears are stripped you might get a P1779 error code on your scanner which you might mistake for a faulty TCM, but more often than not this error code shows up because the TCM cannot figure out why the rear wheels are not rotating.

I will update the post with more faults once I get the time, but I hope the above info can be helpful to some of you.

Remember, most of the faults the occur with the SFS’s AWD system are mechanical, it is rarely an electrical issue, so make sure your mechanic doesn’t take advantage and swap unnecessary parts.
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