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Hey Guys,

My car started giving me some weird issues.
First My cruise control would turn on and i wouldnt be able to turn it off. I wasent able to set it either it was just "on"

Then my defroster started making a really weird sound whenever i'd turn it on. At first i though it was static but then it started sounding more of a hissing/bubbling sound.

Finally, lately when someone sits in my passenger side the passenger airbag remains off.

Any ideas of something that can be causing all three? or individual causes?

thanks guys

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The passenger airbag remaining "off" when a passenger is seated -- is a KNOWN issue with the Sonata (I'm still having some issues with it, even after the recall work done). The question is how HEAVY is that passenger.... If less than 100lb, it's normal, at least according to Hyundai's (unofficial, though) "lows".... If the passenger is 150 lb or more --- deffinitely a malfunctioning system there.

The rest of what you're describing seems like your car's computer is acting up. Have it checked by the dealer. BUT: if you had ANY mods involving wiring or electrical done to your car, you better "undo" them before approaching the dealer (or you might be refused service for "voiding the warranty"), or you might even realize the weirdness has gone... I had some electrical mods done to my car (using the Fog Lights as my DRL) and once the battery was replaced the car started doing some real weird stuff....
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