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Hi there,

I have an Inokom i10 with around 5th months already so far my 1st and 2nd service was at CARTECH sg. Penang. my 2nd service was 5000km and the PIC(person incharge) replace my gearbox oil since the service schedule is no gearbox oil replacement...and after replaced the gearbox oil my gear feel like more tight, and while press on the clutch switch gear it feel hard to switch. and my driver side door got plastic untighten sound, and i checked the screw seems to be unable to tighten although i screwed whole day it still the same but i tried on passenger side it's tighten and unable to screw in again, so i asked the service technition manager he said is like this, it's not related to that screw the door plastic is a cap instead of using the screw...omg, although i'm not a car techniqian i also know possibility the screw loosen oni cause this problem i decided to find a better and more professional service center.
please share your service experience here.
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