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The strut bar made a slight improvement for me in terms of ride quality. It's still very firm, but some of the harshness from sharp impacts has been reduced, and handling/responsiveness in the twisties is MUCH improved. I think changing tires would make a significant difference. The Hankooks are junk. Try the Continental ExtremeContact DWS tires, they're highly rated at Tire Rack. Truth be told, even the GLS/Limited doesn't ride like a Camry so it's never going to be a super cushy car.

I think part of the issue why the car feels so firm and unyielding, at least to me, are due to the seats. They're more than just firm. They're hard, with very little give. I think Hyundai would be wise to add a 1/2 -3/4" of of soft padding under the leather/fabric.

+ 1 on the strut bar I notices a slight improvment also on ride and BIG on cornering!
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