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Suspensions do seem to soften up over time which is one of the reasons I bought the SE in the first place. Or maybe I just get used to it?.............. My salesman told me they were out of SEs and could not get any more at this time.
I agree. Either mine has softened up some after 5,000 miles or I'm used to it. However, I never thought it was "harsh" in the first place. Firmer than the others but not harsh or uncomfortable.
My dealer can't get SE's either (they sold 167 Hyundai's in July - 6 were SE's). They've got orders and deposits for a bunch of SE's and can't find them. In fact, the sales manager just offered to trade my SE and give me what I paid for it. He said he could still make money even on a used SE. It was tempting but I couldn't think of anything on the lot I would rather have.

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