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I have a 2007 Hyundai Accent 2-door hatchback that makes a "scraping" noise when I accelerate up to about 2500 RPM, though I think I can also hear it when I'm on the highway and I let off the throttle and the car starts to slow. Sometimes on the highway when I push in the clutch pedal to coast and slow my speed down, then let up on the clutch pedal, the car lurches a little as the flywheel and clutch plate re-engage. As this happens, the scraping sound starts and it reflects the lurching the car makes (if that makes sense). It has gradually gotten louder over the course of the last 5 months (I know, I know, I should have taken it in sooner). It's the loudest in 5th gear, less so in 4th, even less so in 3rd. The noise goes away when I push the clutch pedal IN, even just a little bit. I doubt it's the throwout bearing, since that noise goes away when the clutch pedal is out.

I took it into a car shop, they said the clutch needed to be replaced and the flywheel resurfaced. Three days and $1000 later, I got the car back and the noise was about the same, perhaps a little more quiet (unrelated: the steering is also now unaligned, so I'm not confident these people knew what they were doing). The clutch was very easy to push and it didn't shutter at all when I start to move from a stop. A few days later, the noise is now the worst it has ever been, the clutch pedal is a little harder to push in (it doesn't seem abnormal), and it shutters a bit when I start to let it up and push in on the gas. This is my first manual car, so I'm not entirely sure what a properly maintained car is supposed to feel like. Shifting seems to be rather normal. The car doesn't seem to be accelerating as fast as it used to.

The noise sounds like something is scraping, though I could also see how it could be a VERY fast vibrating rattle. It could be a loose heat shield, but that wouldn't make sense considering the noise goes away when I push in the clutch pedal. When I accelerate, the engine sounds very "throaty," almost (but not quite) "hissy."

In short:
Scraping noise when: accelerating in higher gear, but only up to ~2500 RPM; also when I let off the gas pedal on the highway
Noise goes away when: I push in the clutch pedal, even just a tiny bit

Thanks in advance!
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