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As Montego says, it's ok to use the cig lighter socket for your Sat-nav, despite the warnings given in the handbook. Speaking as an Electrician however, I'd suggest that you make sure that the plug is firmly connected into the socket when you use the unit since if this plug or it's wiring connections are in any way loose, then it could cause burning of the socket itself, which is why I believe Hyundai are "covering their backsides" so to speak, by warning against use of the socket for anything other than the ciggy lighter. The cig lighter itself draws around 10 amps in use, whereas the Sat-nav uses only a fraction of that, but of course may be in use for several hours on a longish journey, which is why I suggest that you make sure plug and wiring are sound,- any heat felt on the Sat-nav plug after use means you should get it checked and possibly replaced with a quality one rather than a 'cheapo' item. I've been using my Garmin 660T in my i10, my Wife's Getz, work vans and one of my motorbikes without any problems, for a couple of years now, so you should have no problems if the plug is sound.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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