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My 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T Ultimate includes the following interior seat trim: (1 ) Leather upholstery; (2) power driver and passenger seats; (3) power ventilated (Heat & Air Cool) driver and passenger seats; (4) power 4-way lumbar support for the driver seat only.

I am attempting to confirm whether the DM 2013+ Santa Fe OEM 4-way lumbar support assembly is a power mechanical lumbar system or a power pneumatic (air bladder) lumbar system. From reviewing previous forum posts I found that at least the 2007-2008 Santa Fe models included a 2-way mechanical lumbar system. The 2018 Santa Fe OEM lumbar assembly Part Code/Number is 88703 88380-4Z010 and it appears that the latest production date for this OEM part is 11/2015. A review of OEM parts diagrams and the Hyundai manual ( website have not produced a definitive identification of the lumbar type or picture of the part.

Before I spring for a Hyundai Tech Info subscription can someone provide component (photograph, possibly) view for this OEM part from the factory repair manual?

My interest in the driver seat lumbar support assembly is to add the same type of lumbar system for the passenger seat.
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