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HI all, hope i have the correct place to ask advise.
i am now a happy owner of a santa fe cdx crtd, and may i say i love it. very under estimated suv.
i bought the car from a garage with three months warranted or 3000 miles, i have done 175 miles, but my concerns are with the auto gearbox.
now in the past years i have owned many auto gearbox vehicles but never had this concern.
maybe it is as should be maybe we have a problem but please help.
the car goes in to gear perfect, it pulls away perfect, changes gear perfect, kicks down perfect, But? however when i take my foot off the throttle at any speed, the rev counter drops back to tick over? no engine hold back, even if i select a lower gear the the rev counter dose not rise .then when approaching a junction in say maybe 4th i take my foot of the throttle, the revs drop straight back to tick over 800 rpm, the gearbox changes down 3rd 2nd 1st but the rev counter dose not move or rise until i put my foot down again, so no engine braking, as i have had on other auto box equipped cars. so if i am on the motorway doing 70mph and take my foot off the car just goes to tick over?is this correct?
many thanks for your help
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