We at AutoGuide are no strangers to the Sailun Ice Blazer winter tire family. We have tested the tire time, and time, and time again. After each test, we have come away impressed with the various tire’s performance for the price point. Have the tires been perfect? No, not many value tires are. But Sailun is looking to address the brand’s previous winter tire’s shortcomings with the all-new Sailun Ice Blazer WSTX.

Introducing the Sailun Ice Blazer WSTX

The new tire continues the Ice Blazer tradition of being a studdable winter tire. The goal is to improve the current WST lineup’s performance in every aspect. It’s available in over 60 sizes for wheels ranging from 14-inches to 20-inches in diameter. For a full set of sizes, follow this link.

More than just a snow tire, it’s designed to excel in slushy and icy conditions as well. To achieve this, like most modern tires, the new WSTX incorporates a blended Silica-Reinforced compound formula and polymer blends. This helps keep the tire flexible, yet stable, in a variety of temperature settings.

Tread Matters

As important as a tire’s compound is, so is the design of its tread. Sailun utilizes staggered V-shape tread blocks that help with stability and snowy weather performance. The lateral grooves on the tire reduces sliding by expelling water and slush away from the surface rubber.

Another key design aspect, especially in icy conditions, is the 3D siping. The squiggly lines cut into the tire’s surface help to better control pressure distribution and improve the tire’s rigidity. Regardless the winter conditions, it assists in delivering better stability while braking and turning.

The new Sailun Ice Blazer WSTX Winter Tire is available now from local retailers across Canada. Look for a comprehensive, winter-long test of the new WSTX tire this year from AutoGuide.