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My three year old i20 classic wheels are a disgrace, rusting like **** from the pressed holes put in at manufacture.It started a year ago, but I brought it to their attention recently when the car went in for a faulty rear caliper.
The main dealers Border Hyundai at Carlisle were shocked at the state of them and took pictures which were apparently sent to the Hyundai warranty claims department.
A month later I had heard nothing, so I rang them to be told, head office weren't interested.
They tell me the wheels aren't covered, and blame it all on fair wear and tear, stone chips, salt, and use of strong detergents.
Cobblers, each wheel is exactly the same back and front, the car has only covered 7300 miles from new, and is well looked after.
After three emails with customer services today, they won't budge, hard luck is all I get.
Lack of decent primer at manufacturing stage I presume, the fight continues, anyone else with this problem?
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