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Until recently I had enjoyed owning my year 2000 Amica GSI immensely, I bought it on the basis of economy and fun and it had not disappointed me.
What has disappointed me is that after only a few months, rust began to appear around the chrome work on the bonnet and tailgate. The 6 year anti-corrosion warranty had been explained to me at the time of purchase and upon the 20,000 mile service, the main dealer told me not to worry, I had 6 years in which to have the problem(s) rectified.
This anti-corrosion warranty was clarified to me by Robin Hayles, Hyundai Customer Services, in black & white (which I retain should legal action become necessary) that this corrosion was covered in the 6 year warranty.
The local main dealer made a warranty claim which was subsequently denied, Robin Hayles has since back-tracked 100%, my most recent 3 online communications to Hyundai Customer Services have gone unanswered and it has just taken 2 days for one of their Team Leaders to return my call.
All I am receiving now is a 'jobsworth' attitude. Whilst Hyundai disclaim any misinformation provided by main dealers they should have in place, a form of quality control to ensure customers are provided with the correct information however Hyundai's own Customer Services misinformed me so it's not really surprising if the main dealers misinform also.
Having just spoke with the P.A. to their UK Managing Director I don't hold out much hope that this issue will be resolved before I take legal action however I shall endeavour to update the progress of my legal claim here.
I would disuade anybody from buying any model of Hyundai however. With the Amica there was a fault in manufacture that led to this corrosion, Customer Services aren't even aware of this whereas bodywork was left unpainted and the general impression left, they couldn't give a sh1t.
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