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2004 Santa Fe 2.7: I don't know if my problem is the same. About 6 months ago the car started OCCASIONALLY hesitating and skipping, even while driving on the hwy! I would push the gas pedal and it sounds like the engine is revving, but no speed. Sooo, mechanic changed the fuel filter (60,000+ miles, needed to be done anyway.) OK for a week or two, then it started again! Mechanic read the error code and determined it was the camshaft sensor. Replaced the sensor. Worked great for a short while we go again! Less than 1 month ago we took it to a different mechanic, said it was the fuel pump. Changed the pump. Thought it was fixed until a few days ago and it's still skipping and sometimes the engine just quits! What's so frustrating is this doesn't happen all the time. Drove 20 miles the other day, no problem. Drove 5 miles yesterday and I barely made it home when the engine quit. I love my car but I'm ready to pull my hair out over this. It's already cost me over $600 and I still have the problem. The mechanics are trying their best, but at this point I feel they're guessing. Ok, you professional or backyard mechanics out there! Please HELP!
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