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I am wondering if anybody has this type of problem. Firstly I got a lot of maitenace work done on my sante fe (timing belt trans flush, fluid change in transfer and rear end, steering flush and hose replacement, and rear end seal replacement valve cover gaskets also) This situation only comes with the engine warm, usally the tach reads 750 when idling. Now hen i drive no problems but when I stop, the tach guage shows a sllight drop then it drops to the 250 mark and almost stalls out then it goes back to the 750 mark. I have taken it back to the dealer to tell them but nothing that they could find (twice) the techs have seen the guage go down but nothing, they said I will have to leave it all day to find the problem. The last time they had two techs for a couple of hours and still no fix.They also said that they reprogramed the computer for rough idling but no solution yet. Anybody have any ideas for me to look at.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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