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I have a 2005 Tiburon. Bought it in 05 brand new and it has been a real solid car. One of the best "problem free" cars I have ever owned. It came with a 6 year 50K warranty, and they threw in the extended 100K bumper to bumper warranty to close the deal when I purchased.

Everything has been fine, up until I took my car to Jiffy Lube a few days ago (*note, I have never had any problems with JLube before. They have always done a good job, and I have been happy for 5 years of oil changes).

Immediately after my oil change, when driving away from Jiffy Lube, I noticed a new very low rumble coming under the car. It's hard to tell, but it sounds as if it is coming from the middle or rear area . . . and it only happens when I hit the gas.

Again, it is a very faint, low rumble . . . but it certainly was not there before the oil change. I highly doubt the guys at the Jiffy did anything malicious . . . rather, it was probably just time for something to go wrong, and the service may have "awoken the beast" ??

The car was purchased in May of 2005, so I am just out of the original warranty and running in the extended 10 year/100K bumper to bumper . . .

My main concerns are these:

1) what are the possible causes of this noise? Muffler? Exhaust? Converter? Other?

2) Should this be covered in the extended Hyundai bumper to bumper or is this normal wear/tear, and I should be expected to pay out?

3) If it is not covered, what should I be expect to see as costs? So, that I am prepared.


Additional: It is a 5sp manual, if that makes any difference.

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Dear Kuya,

You need to isolate the exact location of this rumble. Take a friend for a ride with you. Roll the windows down. Get up to speed where you hear the rumble. Have your friend move around from front seat to rear, left to right. Is the noise coming from the catalytic converter? You can tell by having your friend lay their ear on the carpet on the front passenger side.

If you have an exhaust leak, the catalytic converter is covered to 80,000 miles. If it is engine or transmission, you are covered under the 100K extended bumper to bumper warranty. Check your fine print, and you will see that many things are excluded from the coverage.

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