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Hey there, new to the forum and I wanted to do a review and build update on my Hyundai that was purchased not too long ago. Anyway...

I bought the car on February 4th, basically bought it blindly. I didn’t test drive or see the car in person, gained my interest solemnly based on researching about it and seeing reviews.

Reason behind buying it “blindly” is because the car I previously owned was involved in an accident and was written off. I was in desperate need of a car as I was working two full-time jobs and needed a way to get around ASAP.

got a good deal on the car as one of my family friends worked at the dealership and got me a fair discount on the car.

Anyway, in the few months of owning the car I can say that I am beyond happy with my decision on getting it. Sure it was risky buying it blindly but it was well worth the risk. I have 0 complaints about the car and only good things to say.

It’s quick, comfortable, good on gas, an amazing build platform, good competitor towards other cars with the same power range and insurance is cheap..

I own the 2020 Hyundai Elantra GT N-Line
1.6L GDI-T (201hp/198tq) w/ 7-Spd Dual Clutch
I got the black exterior, with black/red interior and it has the red seat belts which accent the interior nicely. The seats are extremely comfortable and I can confirm that they are BRAUM Bucket Seats, same ones used in the Subaru STI. The car is quick on its feet. You can really feel the turbo as you drive and have the quick, clean shifts from the dual clutch.... it’s truly an amazing driving experience which many people don’t expect coming from Hyundai but they have completely outdone themselves on this car.

I have owned it for a few months and have been building it slowly.

Current Build List:
Takata Stage 2 Air Intake w 5R Oiled Filter
GFB Adjustable Blow-off Valve
Aftermarket BOV Solenoid (SXTH Element)
Resonator Delete, replaced with 3” pipe

Future Parts:
  • 3” Downpipe with Highflow Cat
  • Muffler Delete
  • 3” Axle back Exhaust with 1 high flow muffler
  • Big Bore Throttle Body from Shark Racing
(It is a OEM throttle body from Hyundai that is bored out to 60mm compared to 56mm stock)
  • Aftermarket Wastegate Solenoid
  • Intercooler Resonator Delete
  • Carbon Fibre Oil Catch Can (Mishimoto)
  • Intercooler + Oil Cooler (Mishimoto)
  • HKS Spark plugs (bigger size)
  • External Wastegate from TIAL
  • Stage 2+ Tune from 10fintec
all an all my goal is to be pushing 300+hp which I believe is easily achievable with this car and all the aftermarket parts that I have been finding

thanks for reading! Feel free to ask any questions. This is my first time posting on a forum so enjoy!

-Video from Engine Bay, BOV/CAI/RES-Delete



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