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Hey, I'm going to install an aftermarket reversing camera on my 2016 H-1 iLoad that already has the TQ-03 radio. I've had the radio out to look at the possibility of wiring the camera into the factory radio and from what i can tell all the wiring is there (At least at the back of the head unit and the reverse sensor that activates the camera function on the head unit has just been snipped (by the factory) so the unit doesn't try and switch to the camera (that isn't there) when you put it in reverse.

Now my question is where would I find the other end of these wires in the harness in order to connect my camera. obviously i'll need to reconnect the reverse sensor but I just cant find where other wires end (I'm assuming they end at a connector somewhere under the dash as they don't appear anywhere down the sides or at the rear of the vehicle).

On top of the Head Unit there's a pin-out diagram for the connectors on the back and I've identified what appears to be the ones for the camera (B/V_GND and B/V_Power for the power to the camera, and B/V_Video_GND and B/V_Video for the camera feed) I could just strip these out of the loom and attach my camera behind the head unit directly but I'd much prefer to be a bit neater than that and find the ends wherever they may be.

Any help on locating them would be greatly appreciated.
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