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Replacing The Washer Tank

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I am trying to replace the washer tank on a 2004 Tiburon. I can see I need to remove the wheel well liner. Do those screws acrually just pop out? I have tried turning but they do not loosen

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They are little anchors, so when the screws are all the way in the plastic anchor part is spread out behind. You need to unscrew the screws some (I know sometimes it's difficult to get them to come out instead of just turning) and then when the screw is partially out you should be able to pop the whole thing (screw and surround part) out of the hole it's in.

Sometimes what I do is try to get a fingernail under the screw head and pull out on it while turning the screw with the screwdriver. Just be careful because they are just nylon (plastic) screws and they strip easily.
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