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And the tech that got the job was loving every minute of it.. Warranty only pays 30 minutes I think it is to replace 1 side..

They are a joke to do, you gots to take a bunch of stuff off, some of which may even break, as it was meant to be installed, and not removed, I used to just break the 1 molding off, and replace it with new.

Then we gets to peel the tape off, but dang, 75+% of the film of glue is stuck to the door, gots to find something to cut the glue and not eat the paint... Now we get to play align the curly tape, and stick it on so it all straight and no wrinkles or bubbles.

I do not like to see them when parts fella is walking around with them stickers in hand, I hope somebody else in shop gets them, I have more productive/better paying work I could be doing.. I am not a body shop tech.

Did I mention they is a joke to do.. Last dealer I worked at, the techs did not do them, they had a fella come in that did pinstriping and other trim work do them,, he would do them pretty quick, leaving the shop to be more productive.. I think at 1 point my manager had somebody come in and paint the door black..

Rant done, carry on.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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