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Just joined the forum. A huge thanks to all those that have contributed solutions and inputs to the issues we experience.

As my first contribution back:
I finally replaced the rubber steering coupler causing the infamous clunk. The local dealer has a stack of them sitting at the counter, help yourself.

There are quite a few videos on youtube, I reviewed a number of them before selecting "watch?v=Y5BnVlfSVug"
Being a new member I can't post the complete link and hopefully I am not violating anything by posting that info.

Took 3 hours. An extra 30 for having to take the column back out to replace the plastic shroud inside the assembly. Thank gawd the wife walked out and asked what's this thing sitting here before I got it all back together.

He sez "Don't move the steering wheel once you get started". He is a better man than I. Once the bolts came off the column and that tab didn't hold the assembly up things moved. But since I did mark the column shaft to u-joint connector all was fine.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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