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2002 Elantra auto. Shop said the speed output sensor needed replaced so I purchased the sensor (part no. 42621-39052) off ebay new. I removed air filter box and as indicated in another posting (I used several older posts to get info and visuals), located the sensor, removed single screw, pulled out sensor. This was all very easy but I admit it took about 25 minutes of poking and prodding pin to remove old sensor from the little gray wiring case (I actually cracked the bottom of it). Eventually I got the old one out, slid new one in with a click and screwed back onto transmission. I put air filter back on, saw corrosion on battery terminals so I wiped those off and now engine won't turn over.

Engine light is on, oil pressure warning light is on. Interior lights, radio comes on so I think battery is good. Prior to my attempted fix the car started and ran fine up until about 60mph when it would --cha-chunk-- and down shift and rpms would go up over 4K. Again, reputable shop gave a free tranny check and found the output sensor as the culprit.

Can some one help me understand what I might have missed? Would the car not start if the sensor is not properly replaced? Please help and keep in mind I am very new to auto work. Thanks in advance.

(oh and I unhooked both + and - battery terminals prior to exchanging the sensors)

Any ideas?
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