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This post is about replacing a side mirror that has been pried off with a replacement mirror (the glass is mounted on a plastic backing which has snap-on tabs that fit over the round white actuator on the mirror motor). It is not about gluing replacement glass over a broken mirror or replacing the entire mirror unit.
Someone seems to have stolen my side mirror. It had been cleanly pried off; no signs of an impact on the housing. Only the white actuator remained.

It may have been easy to pry off, but the replacement was not easy to snap into place. I tried a few times and was afraid to apply any more pressure for fear of breaking the glass. So I gave up. I did some more reading around to make sure the thing is indeed supposed to just snap on. The replacement I bought, made by Alkar (part no. 6431688 for the left-side mirror), came with no instructions.

Satisfied that it is indeed supposed to snap on from the outside, I put the replacement mirror on a radiator for about an hour, since it's been cold lately. Then I applied a little grease to the snap-on tabs. I intuited that hooking the two bottom tabs on first and then trying to snap the top ones on, as I had tried earlier, was not a good idea. So this time after putting on gloves, placing a folded towel over the mirror, I kept it vertical so all the tabs would touch the actuator at once, lined it up, took my stance, placed my left hand firmly on the back of the mirror housing, plucked up my courage, and pushed hard and steady. And it snapped into place.

I think heating it on the radiator (a hair dryer might work too) and greasing the plastic tabs helped.

Hope this can help somebody.
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