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FYI: I've created offline versions of the hyundaitechinfo "shop" manual for the YF models, all three years. They can be downloaded from here. The 2011 manuals should be available Saturday.

I was annoyed by hyundaitechinfo's tedious interface. I made manuals for the Accent RB models. I did it in a way that it's 99% automated, so I'm continuing to make manuals for other models. The original Accent thread is here.

I made ETM (electrical) manuals for the Accent too. Eventually I'll automate that part and make them for other models. If/when that happens, I'll post an update.

If anyone needs shop manuals for a different model, PM me.
Hi, I'm looking for a repair manual for 2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4l it is a sixth generation, not hybrid, or eco. Thank You, for any info or help
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