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Hi everyone, I recently had issues with my 00056-ADU10 key fob not working (at first, the lock button didn't work, and pushing the unlock button would lock the car...then it just stopped working altogether). I tried unlocking the car with the key which then set off the alarm. Despite me putting the key in the ignition slot, I was unable to start the vehicle. After many tries, I had to leave the vehicle in the parking lot I was in for days before I eventually got the fob working again and I was able to start the car and be on my way.

I had asked around in regards to this experience and from what I understand, the car is supposed to recognize the key once I insert it into the ignition to start the car, but obviously this did not happen. The same source indicated that the keys would need to be reprogrammed. If this was the case, wouldn't the key cause problems even if I was able to unlock the vehicle with the fob? Just want to make sure I'm not having to pay for something when that may not be the underlying issue.

On a separate note, I purchased 2 more ADU10 remote start fobs, which came with programming directions (involving pushing a button behind the lower dash among other things). I had mentioned this to a service advisor in passing while dealing with a separate issue, and he immediately replied that a user could not program new remote start key fobs, and that the vehicle had to be hooked up to a system at the dealer in order to program the key fobs. Does anyone know this is correct? He quoted me about $85 for a 1/2 of labor to do this, but the boxes containing the fobs I received appear to be genuine Hyundai and there was no mention of hooking up the vehicle to a system in order to reprogram the fobs.

Thanks in advance for your help everyone!
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