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Got back Monday night after a long (2 week) road trip with a new Genesis 3.8 sedan with the advanced tech package. My observations:

1/ Great on smooth roads ... not so great on roads in need of work.
2/ Less tiring to drive than some other luxury cars due to great feel of the road and accurate tracking.
3/ GPS pronunciation can be horrible and the map data base is several years old.
4/ GPS ability to find a place to stay or a specific place to eat is OK.
5/ No 12-V power in the cabin ... blown fuse ... taken care of yesterday by the dealer ... no hassle.
6/ Decent gas mileage ... not great, but decent.
7/ Automatic windshield wipers are screwy! No big deal.
8/ Cruise control easy to use and adjust.
9/ XM radio is a disappointment. Not going to pay forward on this puppy.
10/ The heat in the rear compartment kept coming on ... found out that was due to reaching back to retrieve stuff from the back which apparently bumped up the control back there.
11/ The trunk is small and we had to store stuff in the rear compartment (see #10 above).
12/ On-ramp and lane-change acceleration is awesome! Leads one to possible dangerous behavior ... be careful with this luxury/sport sedan!
13/ Final word ... My Genny is Plenny and I love her!
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