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Ok... buy an arm and replace it

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Rear Upper Control Arm

Great Idea! But this is not my car so I did not buy the part.
I did install it though. Here is some pictures. I hope they help someone.

First you have to raise the vehicle and support it with a jackstand.

Then remove the lugnuts and wheel.

Here is where the upper control arm is with the tire removed.

Here are two of the three bolts that have to be removed.

This picture from the other side shows the other bolt and the nut with the holding tab, you don't have to hold it with a wrench when removing. Nice.

A closer up picture of the bolt on the right shows that there is not much room to loosen the bolt. When fully loosened it hits the metal next to it. A little wiggling and the control arm will come out with the bolt together.

What it looks like with the control arm removed.

The holes where the bolts go into.

The control arm removed.

The new one.

Put the bolts in the upper control arm and slide the arm into place to start the bolts and finger tighten.

Install the 3rd bolt and nut finger tight.

Jack up the spindle by the lower shock mount to simulate normal ride height, then tighten all the control arm bolts.

Install the wheel and lugnuts.
Remove the jack from under the shock mount and use it to raise the vehicle back up and pull the jack stand out. Lower the vehicle and torque the lugnuts with a torque wrench.
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