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With black friday coming up, I'm definately going to hunt down some Pioneers for my rear speakers.  Does anyone know what size they are in our cars? Or any other specifications I would need to know?

That's where I'm gonna start with my sound set up.  then I'm gonna put my 2-din radio back in with my subs.  Upgrading the sub speakers though.  I have a sub box with 2 8" speakers in it.  Right now, I'm just using them with my sterio system in my house. I'm getting a 1 12" sub box, and putting one 12" pioneer in it, (I'm dedicated to pioneers) with the the sub facing down in the trunk.  That way, I'll still have trunk space, and I won't be sacreficeing weight.

All of these are coming from walmart.

The sub box was the only thing of the three I would find on the website, but I saw the sub speaker there the other day.
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