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2016 Elantra GT and 2011 Elantra Touring
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The rear camber arm is an adjustable [ length varies ] control arm that replaces the original upper control arm. As the original rubber bushings age/shrink/settle the suspension sags and the rear wheels lean in at the top. Typically this is corrected using an adjustable upper control arm. The rear suspension should already have adjustable cam bolts in a control arm used to adjust rear toe -in-out. These are unrelated to the camber/upper control arm problem.

The front shouldn't really need adjustable cam bolts unless the front suspension has been bent but I've seen them needed for no apparent reason. Sometimes simply filing [elongating] the holes in the strut can serve the same purpose as cam bolts in the front suspension. There are youtube videos on how to do this.

I think I have seen a youtube video on replacing the rear upper control arm with an adjustable unit. The $600 price is not out of line.

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