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2011 Hyundai Elantra Sedan Limited (Automatic) 181,516 miles

I noticed recently when making left turns and accelerating, I am hearing a pretty annoying rattle. It seems to happen only when accelerating and turning left from a slow speed or stop... It seems to be responsive to the pedal-- if I lift off the gas pedal, the rattle goes away. As I accelerate faster, the rattle gets louder and then goes away on its own. It's not constant and doesn't seem to happen when making right turns, at least not yet.

I also noticed on cold starts, there is a very faint rattle heard when my foot is on the gas that goes away as the car gets warm.

The noise doesn't sound like your typical "heat shield" metal plate banging.. and the fact that its responsive to the gas pedal makes me think it's something internal.

Video is here-- sound starts at 00:05:

Sounds louder in person. In that video I was stopped and made a U-turn to my left. Rattling begins as I start to speed up and complete the turn.

Anyone have any guidance? Thanks for any help!
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