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Hi there. I have a 2006 SE and it has the same setup with the three gauges above the Kenwood. My problem is this: I removed the faceplate, and radio, for upgrade, and accidentally stepped on the mounting bracket that secures the radio and the tri-gauges. I have looked high and low for one, and the dealership cannot even find it....(pending a call by parts manager tomorrow to Korea) A Service tech recognized it and helped to find it the old fashioned way, in the books, but no dice. I need the black piece that the gauge pod bolts to as well as where the radio mounts below it. Any help in locating this mount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance....

****UPDATE: Local parts manager spent some time looking into the above question, and his final answer was I have to buy the Gauges which include the mount for the radio. There are four screws that you can remove to take the gauges out, and then you basically have a double din radio mount that says Hyundai on it. Please somebody tell me this guy is joking. I searched all websites tiburon, as well as all radio install companies, and cant find it. They want want over 300.00 at the dealer to buy the plastic radio/gauge mount that I need, but pay for gauges I dont need.....?
I ordered a universal from Scosche and will play with the broken pieces and attempt to make it look correct....The Hynudai Trim piece is intact that covers the gauges....otherwise, junk yard searching ^_^

*****UPDATE 2: Ordered the universal double din for '06 Tibby from Scosche and I got it to work. The only difference in appearance is that the gauge cluster sits further back from the radio by maybe an inch or so, however I was able to keep the Tiburon surround intact in front of the gauge bezel. Original mount had gauges flush with the radio. Had to sand off the plastic prongs from the side of the gauge cluster for it to fit in between the mount, and on the bottom of the mount itself, I had to completely remove all of the lower half's mounting tabs or else it wouldn't go in. Mission success. 30.00, not 300.00+. Thanks Scosche!


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