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My 05 xg350 that we purchased at 56k miles 2 years ago, put less then 4k miles on it. I changed timing belt myself and all idlers , brakes etc, rad fails mixing some water into my trans.. Trans shifts fine

Im pretty sure after this happened the car was driven minimally as it only drives 3 miles a day up the hill to work..

I pulled the rad etc...I pull the thermostat and let the water hose flush out the engine for about 30 minutes...I drain trans, about little over a quarter 5 gallon bucket(5g bucket is 20 quarts...)

I clean external atf cooler and lines, I ordered 10 quarts atf, I will flush 4-5 quarts through with high pressure hard line into a bucket..

After this and the car shifts smooth, should I plan to get rid of the car, its been nothing but a problem
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