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Hey guys just signed up on here. I just got a 1997 Elantra 4 dr. 229k on the car and so far its running ok.

I got a check engine today for the code P0442 I know this could be a leak or just a simple twist the gas cap harder. I have already tightened the gas cap to check if that was the issue. (will update if the light does not go off. or I need to reset the check engine light.)

Anyways. I had to tear the door panel off and am going to replace the window regulator so that is solved as well. The question here is the clips on the window itself. One of them was dry rotted. Live in AZ so that could have done it. Can these be bought somewhere to replace and what is the glue/epoxy that they use to seal them in place. I need to know how to replace the clips on the glass itself or if new glass should just be acquired.

Now my main question is. The wipers dont work. I can hear the motor go back and forth but I havent torn it apart yet to figure out what specifically is wrong. Whats the easiest way to tear that area apart to look for the issue. I need this fixed due to if it rains. (which wont happen anytime soon but in case of bugs or something as well.) Any help/ diagrams or anything would be great.

Thanks guys hope you can help.
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