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Hey all,

New to here and to the topic so I'm not sure if this is the place to ask this question or in the classifieds but here goes.
I was involved in a front end collision which has racked up quite a hefty repair cost so I'm considering parting the car out. I'm just wondering what the average 'profits' are from parting out a car, whether it's worth all the trouble/time? Also, how does one determine the costs of all the items to be sold? How do people that part out cars know how much to sell tail lights or a center console? :-/
Pretty much everything but the front is in tact. Engine, suspension, interior and all that is just fine. It's either this or the body shops suggested selling it to a junk yard for a few hundred at best. :(
Any advice or experience or help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for lookin!

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