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Hi Everyone. Long time guest on this board and have posted previously. This problem had me pulling my hair out as well so felt obliged to post. I had the exact same problem on my 2008 Limited. Started occasionally when it was 2 years old up until this spring\summer when it happened after every drive after the drive train warmed up. Same problem took it into the dealer 4 or more times, went on two road tests dealership never ever to replicate (but did give them a sound recording). Almost have to call ahead and have them standing there in the dealership driveway as you pull in. Allowed Hyundai to replace the transmission fluid in the car (they said I should have done it at 48K....manual says no need to change for much longer). A couple of weeks after changing the sound went away and has stayed away for 3-4 months now (but it is getting colder). On good faith even after all this hassle the dealer was willing to replace the transmission, they also believed it was a solenoid problem but could not prove it. However as this dealer has been very good to me I agreed to give the fluid change a chance on the agreement if it happens again we move forward to replace. The dealer will get dinged from Hyundai if they swap a transmission that is not found faulty and I have a good relationship with my local dealer who have helped me time and time again with the nightmare of problems that has been owning this Santa Fe. (p.s. I will never buy another Hyundai again, but that's another post). For now I will wait... and listen... to see if it returns.

Only suggestion to you is if you have not done so already you can try a transmission fluid change and see if it helps. At the moment I am getting the impression these transmissions are VERY fussy about good fluid. If anyone does get their transmission replaced please let us know what the failed part was in the end!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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