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So. I'm having a problem with radio and SiriusXM that was tentatively diagnosed as the "Quantumlogic" setting being turned on and needing to be turned off.

The issue is that while listening to Bloomberg Radio on SiriusXM the sound randomly shifts from front to back. No input, no reason; DEFINITELY on its own. One Genesis corporate person suggested it was the Quantumlogic feature, but their saying where to find this: "Home; Settings; Sound; Quantumlogic, autostage and one other possible setting and UNTICK it is useless as there IS no such setting/listing whatever that I have found anywhere in MY car. I have run through all of the settings I can find.

Anyone deal with this random front/back sound switching and solve it? I seem to think in my prior 2015 Ultimate I had the same issue but no idea on how to fix it.

Thanks! Alley
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