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At the end of Nov we upgraded our old 2010 Santa Fe and picked up a used 2018 Santa Fe XL with only 24000km. It was in great shape and had all the bells and whistles we wanted so we were very happy with it. Since we are coming into the winter months the heated seats were fantastic - they would warm up well with 5-10 minutes and we would have to quickly turn them down to low to be comfortable. They worked this way for the first two weeks or so then one morning out of the blue they seemed to stop working well. They would warm up slightly but took a long time and was nowhere near the temps we got in the first 2 weeks. This seemed to happen overnight and its not just one seat, its all of them - front and back.

Ive checked fuses and they were OK. Also checked the temps with a temp gun and the lower seat and back are warming but only by a few degrees across all 4 seats and very slowly.

Any thoughts on what could be going on here? Seems odd that it happens to all 4 at the same time.

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