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From begginning.
Bought used accent x3 1.3 55kw soch 1998, manual
It was ok few thousand km, except white smoke from exchaust and leaking hatch door(rain).
Acceleration was good,coolant level stayed same, oil level dropped only a little. And mpg was ok.
So. Problems started on a rainy, cold day with almost empty tank and warm engine(80km trip). Starting from stoplight when I tried to go a little bit faster, car was jerking with second gear, switched up and it was ok again. Maybe just empty tank or rainy weather.
So after work filled up and back to home.
Next day was rainy, too and got same problems, only tank was more than half full. Ok. went to home and checked plug leads in dark and noticed sparks, etc. With wet weather maybe it was a problem. Replaced 2 of them with good ones. 2-3 days after that was ok.
But same problems appeared again and car even died sometimes.
It was getting worse quickly.
Last trip to home was on second gear and full throttle. max speed I got was 40-50km/h. no power at all and lucky that i got home.
Car died. Checked plugs - 2nd and 3rd were wet. Wasn't able to start car anymore. Promising, but nothing more.
So I bough:
1. new set of plugs. replaced.nothing
2. new set of leads. replaced.nothing
3. used coil pack. replaced.nothing. changed back
4. used fuel pump.replaced.nothing.changed back. also tried to add extra grounding to fuel pump
5. new fuel filter. replaced. maybe a little better now.
6. switched leads to anykind of order e.g 1 to 4, 4 to 3. etc usually it went worse.
7. unplugged sensors. went worse.
8. changed icv nothing.
9. tried to disconnect some vacuum hoses. Best response maybe if i disconnect icv and remove this small hose that regulates backflow. If I can manage to start car for seconds to idling and then spray quickstart throughr this hole I can keep car running.
until i stop spraying.
10. If I try continuosly start engine, it will start and die after some seconds with jerking. if I keep starting until engine is warm, car will finally stay idling pretty normally. But if I touch throttle it will start jerking again and usually dies or if i let pedal free returns to normal.
Only very carefully pedal pushing can result rpms go up, but if you trie to start drivng - no power and you can move car only with playing with clutch.

Unfortunately previous owner or someone cut through engine light cables + some audio + more so I can't check error codes.
And no diagnostic places nearby.

Any ideas? Similar problems with fixes?

P.S english is not my primary language so my grammar is definately best one.:p

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Unfortunately previous owner or someone cut through engine light cables + some audio + more so I can't check error codes.
you're going to have to sort out that problem. the wiring could very well be your issue - in fact i suspect an electrical problem.

without the ECU codes you're stuck replacing parts at random. that's the last thing you want to do. hopefully you've picked up on that after spending your time and money on all the parts you've pointlessly replaced. it's a lesson we all have to learn at some point.
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