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hi, i need a little help if someone who has a i30cw, I believe they call Elantra Wagon, and having the right side of the trunk to power 12V output. Please take a picture, or several. Reason, I found in my car with the connector wires. So I would make the hole to install the power outlet. I've done the test and the connector has 12V on the red wire and the black ground wire. Is ready to use, just want to make sure of the exact place where I install, for it must be original.

Note, I did purchase the output power on eBay, and the product with shipping to Brazil the cost only $ 7.50

LInk: 12V 120W Car Motorcycle Cigarette Lighter Power Socket Plug Waterproof Cover | eBay

I thank anyone who can help me, and I intend to make text with pictures to post a DIY.

A big hug - LRoberto :)
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